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У Празі стало відоме ім’я найкращого перекладача української літератури чеською мовою

У столиці Чехії Празі вручили нагороду за найкращий переклад з української на чеську мову.

Комісія розглянула понад 10 поданих на конкурс перекладів твору Артема Чеха «Точка нуль». Члени комісії – чеські україністи, письменники і перекладачі, серед яких цього року і відомий чеський письменник Яхим Тополь, – визнали переможцем конкурсу чеського перекладача і літератора Мірослава Оттоманського (Miroslav Ottomanský).

Друге місце серед перекладачів зайняла Лінда Гейніґова (Linda Heinigová), третє – Кароліна Юракова (Karolina Juráková).

Голова Чеської асоціації україністів Тереза Хланьова в розмові з Радіо Свобода відзначила зростання інтересу в Чехії до української літератури, до України в цілому, а також високий рівень перекладів з української на чеську мову.

Премія за найкращий переклад з української на чеську мову вручається цього року вдруге. Щорічні премії за найкращий переклад з української на чеську мову встановили Чеська асоціація україністів, Інститут східноєвропейських досліджень Карлового університету у Празі і посольство України в Чехії.

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Why the Midterm Election is on Diaspora Media’s Radar

For many immigrants, U.S. midterm elections traditionally draw minimal interest. But this election cycle, the reaction is different as a Democratic victory for control of the House or Senate or both would have huge repercussions for immigrant communities.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial policies on trade, immigration, taxes and a host of other issues that impact immigrants could be challenged or reversed with the Democrats back in control of Congress.

In the 2016 presidential election, foreign language media was a fundamental source of information for immigrants, as mainstream outlets aimed to connect with broader audiences.

In the 2018 midterm elections, a “news-you-can-use” component is a key part of how these outlets continue to serve their audiences.

Cameroon native Pamela Anchang is managing editor of The Immigrant Magazine and host of “Impact,” a new radio talk show for the immigrant community based in Los Angeles. 

“Given the climate that we’re in, everybody is paying attention,” she told VOA. “Now, immigrants are aware that elections have consequences, and when you don’t vote for whatever reason, it comes back to either serve you or hurt you.” 

In the past, the midterm elections were also of little concern for La Opinion, a Spanish language daily newspaper in Los Angeles. However, the midterms of 2018 are “completely different” because of Trump, said Gabriel Lerner, La Opinion’s editor-in-chief. 

“This has been like an earthquake, a political earthquake for many of the Latinos, so people are really interested in what is going on,” Lerner said.

The homepages of Spanish language media websites in the U.S. are packed with news about deportations, raids and arrests by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and President Trump’s latest plan for building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

​”In the case of Latinos, Trump positioned himself as a foe since the beginning of his campaign when he defined that Mexican immigrants are criminals, are rapists — this created a lot of strong reaction against Trump and Trumpism in the community,” said Lerner.

Anchang said Trump’s tough stance on immigration does not only create strong reaction in the Latino community, but many other immigrant communities, including the African diaspora. 

“Because issues are what drive us,” Anchang said.” If you just talk about elections in general, nobody cares. But if you talk about how it affects you personally, they pay attention. What is really important to Africans — health care [and] being legal. We have a lot of Africans who are undocumented.” 

“It is very possible that the results of these midterm elections will be a vote of confidence for President Trump,” said Vincent Chang, chief content officer and executive editor of World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper. The outcome of the midterms will show how much trust the electorate puts in Trump and his policies, he said. Within the Chinese community, those who are U.S. citizens tend to support Trump’s policies on immigration, he added. 

Chang said the issues the Chinese language readership is concerned with include core administration policies regarding tax reform, the economy and immigration. Chang said his paper will be closely watching potential changes throughout Congress after the midterms.

Local races get a lot of attention

During every election cycle, news organizations tailored to the immigrant communities also have in-depth coverage of local races of candidates from their own ethnic groups.

​”We’ll follow closely how the Chinese-American candidates perform in the different districts, regardless of whether they win or lose,” said Chang.

That also rings true in Southern California’s Little Saigon where political billboards with the names of Vietnamese-American candidates can be seen everywhere. They are running for local and state level races, from mayor to the state senate and every position in between. 

Unlike the mainstream media and many other immigrant communities, the Vietnamese community is excited about the midterms almost exclusively because of the local races. 

“We don’t pay much attention to the federal level [races]. But mostly [we focus on races at the] local level,” said Dzung Do, staff writer for Nguoi Viet Daily News, a California-based Vietnamese language paper that printed its first edition 40 years ago. Do said many Vietnamese Americans will vote for a Vietnamese name, regardless of a candidate’s position on the issues. 

The topics they want to read in the press and hear from the candidates include U.S. relations with Vietnam, education and security, according to Do. Since many Vietnamese Americans arrived in the U.S. as refugees, immigration is not as much of a priority as other immigrant groups. 

Immigration is a passionate topic for the guests on Anchang’s “Impact” radio talk show. They included a Korean-American, a Filipino-American and a Latino-American. Some of the guests said that Trump’s immigration policies are highly discriminatory and create widespread fear. Some would like amnesty for those who are already living in the U.S., while others argued that immigrants must follow U.S. law and wait their turn in line to gain legal entry to the U.S. 

Anchang said her message to her readers and listeners is that only by voting can they keep the status quo or create change. 

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Why Diaspora Media Riveted by US Midterm Campaign

The press that serves the U.S. immigrant population typically shows little interest in midterm elections. But the outcome of this year’s fight for control of Congress could either blunt much of President Donald Trump’s agenda or advance his policies. That’s why the immigrant community may be more interested in this year’s midterms than ever before. VOA’s Elizabeth Lee has the details from Los Angeles.

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Денісова: член затриманого Росією екіпажу «ЯМК-0041», у якого померла мати, повертається додому

Член затриманого Росією в окупованому Криму екіпажу українського судна «ЯМК-0041», у якого померла мати, повертається додому після втручання уповноваженого Верховної Ради України з прав людини.

Як повідомила сама Людмила Денісова у фейсбуці, моряк Геннадій Отичко вже на материковій частині України і їде додому в супроводі представників омбудсмана.

«Коли він туди дістанеться, Геннадій пообіцяв подзвонити мені та розповісти про проблеми та потреби. Я всіляко допомагатиму Геннадію та підтримуватиму його», – додала Денісова.


Раніше 14 жовтня вона повідомляла, що використовує «всі можливі способи впливу на Росію», щоб Отичко зміг провести матір в останню путь.

«Лише на цьому тижні радник президента Росії Михайло Федотов запевняв мене, що свобода пересування моряків не обмежувалася. Але ця відписка не відповідає дійсності. Члени екіпажу українського судна півроку мріють про повернення додому. Вони та їхні сім’ї уже морально та фізично втомилися від відсутності виходу. Недопустимо», – написала Денісова.

Російські прикордонники затримали українське риболовецьке судно «ЯМК-0041» (порт приписки Очаків) на захід від мису Тарханкут в окупованому Росією Криму ще 4 травня. Проти капітана судна порушили справу за звинуваченням у «незаконному видобутку морських біоресурсів у виключній економічній зоні Росії», яку Москва проголосила всупереч міжнародному праву. Його посадили до російського слідчого ізолятора. Держприкордонслужба України повідомила, що затримане судно мало всі необхідні документи на вилов риби в українській економічній зоні, якою, відповідно до міжнародного права, є води біля Криму.

В інших чотирьох членів екіпажу відібрали паспорти, і відтак вони не можуть повернутися з Криму на материкову частину України. Людмила Денісова вже не раз повідомляла про свої звернення до російських органів і до міжнародних організацій через незаконне порушення Росією права людини на свободу, особисту недоторканність та свободу пересування щодо цих українських громадян і вимагає, щоб Росія звільнила всіх затриманих моряків.

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У Дніпрі військовим маршем і показом техніки з зони бойових дій відзначили День захисника України

У Дніпрі військовим маршем і показом техніки з зони бойових дій на Донбасі відзначили День захисника України. Урочистості відбулись біля найбільшого Державного прапора України і найвищої в Україні щогли для цього прапора.

Заходи розпочались з нагородження учасників бойових дій, волонтерів та громадських активістів.

Військовослужбовці влаштували виставку техніки, яка перебуває на озброєнні української армії. Бойова техніка прибула із розташування 93-ї бригади.

Понад дві тисячі бійців військовослужбовців пройшли центром міста з вигуками «Слава Україні! Героям слава!». В ході взяли участь військові Збройних сил України, бійці добробатів, нацгвардійці, поліцейські, рятувальники. Стартувала хода біля облдержадміністрації, а завершилась біля найвищого флагштока країни. До учасників маршу приєдналися родини захисників та жителі міста.

Опісля розпочався концерт учасників фестивалю «Пісні, народженні в АТО».

Родзинка вечірньої програми – «відеомепінг-шоу»: на великій сцені завдовжки у 27 метрів розміщені екрани, на ких транслюють відео у форматі 3D паралельно з лазерним шоу.

14 жовтня в Україні відзначають свято Дня захисника України. Це також день Покрови пресвятої Богородиці за церковним календарем. Крім того, цей день вшановують і як річницю створення Української повстанської армії 76 років тому.

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Trump Suggests Defense Chief Could Leave

U.S. President Donald Trump is suggesting Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis could be one of his next key officials to leave the government.

The Republican president, said in an interview Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes” news show, that he has no indication that Mattis is leaving, but added, “It could be that he is. I think he’s sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth.”

The U.S. leader described the retired Marine Corps general as “a good guy. We get along very well. He may leave. I mean, at some point, everybody leaves. Everybody. People leave. That’s Washington.” 

Trump, during his 21-month administration, has fired or pushed out dozens of key officials, or watched as others he liked have resigned, including United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, who last week said she would be leaving her post at the end of the year.

Mattis, while leading the U.S. military, has occasionally been at odds with Trump and more hawkish Trump administration officials, including national security adviser John Bolton.

Mattis, in mid-2017, pushed for more diplomatic overtures to North Korea in dealing with Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, a stance Trump eventually came around to, leading to his June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump said there are still “some people” in his administration that he is “not thrilled with.” He has often assailed Attorney General Jeff Sessions but declined to fire him for removing himself from oversight of the lengthy investigation of whether Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia and whether Trump as president obstructed justice by trying to thwart the probe.

But Trump rebuffed reports of chaos in the White House as “fake news,” adding, “I’m changing things around. And I’m entitled to. I have people now on standby that will be phenomenal. They’ll come into the administration, they’ll be phenomenal.”



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3 Arrested in New York Violence After Far-Right Speech

Three people were arrested in New York City following violent clashes after a speech by the founder of a far-right group, and police said Saturday they were reviewing video of the clashes and could make additional arrests.

The violence Friday night followed a speech by Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, at the Metropolitan Republican Club. The male-only Proud Boys describe themselves as “western chauvinists.”

Videos posted on YouTube show clashes between the Proud Boys and groups that were protesting McInnes’ speech.

No serious injuries were reported.

The three arrested face assault charges and were awaiting arraignment Saturday in Manhattan criminal court. Police spokesman J. Peter Donald said the department was reviewing video and would make other arrests as warranted.

Several elected officials expressed outrage over the violence and blamed the Proud Boys, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

More arrests possible

“Authorities must review these videos immediately and make arrests and prosecute as appropriate,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said. “Hate cannot and will not be tolerated in New York.”

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, a Democrat who is running for state attorney general, said, “I am disturbed and disgusted by the videos I’ve seen of members of the neo-fascist, white supremacist Proud Boys group engaging in hate-fueled mob violence on the streets of New York City.”

City Councilman Rory Lancman, also a Democrat, said video shows police officers were at the scene of an assault by Proud Boys members but did not arrest anyone from the group.

“It is revolting to see white supremacists commit a hate crime on the streets of New York City — in full view of the NYPD — and for none of them to be arrested or prosecuted,” Lancman said.

The Republican club was vandalized ahead of Friday’s speech by McInnes, who is also a co-founder of Vice Media. Statewide Republican officials said the damage included smashed windows, a spray-painted door and a keypad lock covered in glue. A note left at the scene claimed that the damage was “just the beginning.”

Clashes in Portland

Saturday night in downtown Portland, Oregon, fights broke out between protesters with a right-wing group and counter-demonstrators.

The right-wing Patriot Prayer group was holding a Flash March for Law and Order Saturday evening when the counter-demonstrators, some of whom identified themselves as members of the militant group Antifa, confronted them, leading to scuffles, local media reported.

Police in riot gear worked to break up fights and used pepper spray to try to control the crowd, local media reported. Police said officers saw people at the demonstration with hard-knuckled gloves, guns, knives and batons.

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Trump: McConnell ‘Kentucky Tough’ in Kavanaugh Fight

President Donald Trump heaped praise Saturday on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, crediting the veteran Kentucky lawmaker’s political toughness and acumen during the ugly battle that concluded with Brett Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court justice.

“He’s Kentucky tough,” Trump declared.

Kavanaugh took his seat on the high court this week after overcoming allegations of sexual misconduct dating to his high school and college years. He forcefully denied the charges, and Trump and McConnell firmly backed Kavanaugh as part of their combined quest to populate the judiciary with conservative judges. Kavanaugh could tilt the political balance of the high court in the conservative direction for generations.

“We stuck with him all the way because we knew the facts,” Trump said, speaking of himself and McConnell, Kentucky’s senior U.S. senator.

“There’s nobody tougher. There’s nobody smarter. He refused to cave to the radical Democrats’ shameful campaign of personal and political destruction,” Trump said at a political rally at Eastern Kentucky University before he called McConnell to the microphone.

McConnell returned the compliment and told the president to continue nominating judges and “we’ll keep confirming them.”

​Fierce Democrat opposition

Democrats fiercely and vocally opposed Kavanaugh, opposition that hardened after Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school. Other women accused him of other sexually inappropriate behavior.

Protesters swarmed Senate office buildings and hundreds were arrested in a futile attempt to intimidate a handful of holdout senators into voting against confirming Kavanaugh. Trump has taken to referring to Democrats who opposed Kavanaugh as an “angry mob.”

Rally in Kentucky

The president flew to Kentucky to campaign for three-term Republican Rep. Andy Barr, who is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, in one of the country’s most-watched House races.

Democrats are focusing on the seat in their drive to regain control of the House. Former Vice President Joe Biden became the highest-profile Democrat to campaign for McGrath when he came to Kentucky on Friday night.

Trump told the rally that a vote for Barr “could make the difference between unbelievable continued success” or failure, and pleaded with his supporters to vote on Nov. 6 to send more Republicans to Congress.

“The only reason to vote Democrat is if you’re tired of winning,” he said. “I need you to get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, get your co-workers and get out and vote for Andy Barr,” Trump said.

Familiar Trump themes

The president sounded familiar themes during the hour-plus rally, touting the economy’s performance, a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, and his plan for a new military branch devoted to outer space, among a host of other issues that led the crowd to cheer him.

He again panned journalists as the “fake news media” and suggested he could live without their attention.

“I’d like to walk into a place one night and not have any of these guys,” Trump said.

With just over three weeks before Election Day, Saturday’s rally was part of an aggressive fall campaign push by Trump to energize Republicans and encourage them to help keep his legislative agenda moving forward by voting to keep the GOP in control of both houses of Congress.

In fact, even before Trump left the stage Saturday night, his campaign announced a three-state Western swing through Missoula, Montana; Mesa, Arizona; and Elko, Nevada, next Thursday through Saturday.

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Report: Kushner Likely Paid Little, No US Taxes for Years

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, likely paid little or no federal income taxes between 2009 and 2016, The New York Times reported Saturday, citing confidential financial documents.

The documents were created with Kushner’s cooperation as part of a review of his finances by an institution that was considering lending him money, the Times reported. The Times said that Kushner’s tax bills reflected the use of a tax benefit known as depreciation that lets real estate investors deduct part of the cost of their properties from their taxable income.

The Times report said that nothing in the documents reviewed “suggests Mr. Kushner or his company broke the law.”

Paid all taxes due under law

Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Kushner’s lawyer Abbe Lowell, told Reuters Saturday that he would not respond to the newspaper’s assumptions, which he said were “taken from incomplete documents obtained in violation of the law and standard business confidentiality agreements.”

He added, “Always following the advice of numerous attorneys and accountants, Mr. Kushner properly filed and paid all taxes due under the law and regulations.”

The records reviewed by The New York Times did not expressly state how much Kushner paid in taxes, but included estimates for how much he owed called “income taxes payable” and how much Kushner paid in expectation of forecasted taxes known as “prepaid taxes.” The paper said that for most of the years covered, both were listed as zero, but in 2013 Kushner reported income taxes payable of $1.1 million.

Kushner Cos, the family company for which Kushner previously served as chief executive, has been profitable in recent years, the Times said, citing the analysis. Kushner sold his interests in the company to a family trust last year.

The White House and Kushner Cos did not immediately comment Saturday.

Trump tax break

The newspaper noted that the 2017 tax rewrite signed by Trump includes provisions that benefit real estate investors.

Mirijanian said that on tax reform efforts, Kushner “followed his approved ethics agreement and has avoided work that would pose any conflict of interest.”

In December, a group of Democratic lawmakers wrote to Kushner, asking whether in his talks with foreign officials he had ever discussed financing for a deeply indebted property in midtown Manhattan, citing concern he was using his position for financial gain.

Kushner Cos said previously it had more than $2.5 billion in transactions 2017 and has 12 million square feet under development in New York and New Jersey.

Documents released by the White House in June showed Kushner held assets worth at least $181 million, the Associated Press reported. The disclosures also show that Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, received at least $82 million in outside income in 2017.

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Кличко похвалився, що показав Шварценеггеру Київ

Київський міський голова Віталій Кличко зустрівся з Арнольдом Шварценеггером, який уперше відвідує українську столицю, і показав йому Київ, про це Кличко повідомив на своїй сторінці у Facebook.

«Часу, на жаль, було небагато, але трохи показав Київ своєму другові Арні, який уперше відвідав наше місто. Арнольд Шварценеггер прилетів на бізнес-форум, і ми з радістю зустрілися, прогулялися і пообідали. Арнольду дуже сподобалося наше місто, пообіцяв наступного разу приїхати на довше. Він у гарному настрої, відчуває себе добре, знімається в кіно і передав вітання українцям», – написав Віталій Кличко.

Він також розмістив невелике відео, в якому Шварценеггер висловив своє захоплення Києвом і пообіцяв повернутися знову.

«Я зараз у Києві. Відвідую свого друга – мера Віталія Кличка. Я радий, що ми зустрілися і розповім про це в Каліфорнії. Це мій перший візит до Києва, і я закохався у ваше місто. I’ll be back! Hasta la vista, baby!» – сказав Шварценеггер.

13 жовтня актор і екс-губернатор Каліфорнії Арнольд Шварценеггер уперше приїхав в Україну. Він зустрівся з мером міста Віталієм Кличком і прем’єр-міністром України Володимиром Гройсманом, а також виступив на форумі Olerom Forum One. 

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